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Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Knot Men's Cuff


Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Knot Men's Cuff

This item's price is currently based on $ 1973.8 Gold Market & $ 25.46 Silver Market. Additional shipping costs will be calculated and added to your invoice.

This item is part of a branded collection. To find out more about this program contact us.


18kt+Silver Yellow+Rhodium Finish 13mm Polished Cuff Italian Cable Bangle

More Information

Product specification details
Collection The PG Men's Shop
Type Bracelet
Catalog 2022-2023 Page # 558
Metal Type Gold & Sterling Silver
Metal Color Two-tone
Gold Karat 18K & Sterling Silver
Brand Phillip Gavriel
Dimensions 13mm
Gold Price 1973.8
Silver Price 25.46