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We are pleased to announce that Royal Chain Inc. is a member in good standing with the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). RJC is an organization committed to the promotion of trust in the global fine jewellery industry. As such, they have created a Code of Practice (COP) that defines a standard throughout the Diamond and Gold Jewellery supply chain of responsible ethical, social and environmental practices applicable to all RJC members. Visit to learn more.


The Code of Practice (COP) is made up of:

1. General Requirements (Provisions 1-4)

2. Responsible Supply Chains and Human Rights (Provisions 5-12)

3. Labour Rights and Working Conditions (Provisions 13-20)

4. Health, Safety and Environment (Provisions 21-25)

5. Diamond, Gold and Platinum Group Metal Products (Provisions 26-28)

6. Responsible Mining (Provisions 29-40)


As listed above in points 3 and 4, an important aspect of this Code of Practice relates to labor rights and working conditions, as well as health, safety and environment in the workplace. As a member, Royal Chain is conscious of its responsibility to provide responsible working conditions in a healthy and safe working environment. We have undergone a self -assessment of conformance with the COP and we now have scheduled an independent third-party audit. This audit will verify that Royal Chain has systems in place that conform to those relevant sections of the COP. If the audit finds that to be true and finds that Royal Chain is in compliance with all the other principles of the COP, then Royal Chain will be granted a Certification Certificate and be granted membership as a Certified member for 3 years.


We are gratified that there now is an international standard so that an aggregate positive change to social and human rights can be realized. We look forward to our continued improvement in this area as well as supporting other businesses in their resolve to institute better performance and practices to reach this goal.