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Terms and Conditions

Please note, we are a jewelry wholesaler, operating as a B2B business that does not sell to the general public. The Terms & Conditions listed here pertain to our relationship with our retail customers, not us and their consumers.


At our discretion, 1st and 2nd JBT rated, Net 30 days. Completed credit application must be submitted for a credit line request. All others- shipment by COD, company or certified check, money order, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


All orders are generally shipped in 24 hours, and most will be shipped the same day. All orders shipped via UPS, FedEx or USPS First Class. (Overnight and Saturday delivery are available at an extra charge). Backorders will be kept for a reasonable period only upon the customer’s request. By acceptance of Merchandise from Royal Chain, the customer agrees to be responsible for all collection and attorney fees.


All Merchandise is sold by weight with the exception of carded rope chain, gold ball earrings, pearls, diamond jewelry, semi-precious jewelry, Royal Duet, Phillip Gavriel, some Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Titanium jewelry, Personality Jewelry, and Intuitions. All weights quoted in the catalog are approximate and are in grams. Merchandise sold by weight might include non-metal components. Gold is billed based on the current gold market, which is generally the second London fix plus $8 per ounce on the date of shipment (i.e., second London fix is $1,350, we will bill at $1,358). Silver Market indicated on the invoice is for informational purposes. For the customer’s convenience, we have included prices in the catalog at Triple Keystone at $1,700 gold market and at $19 silver market with the exception of Intuition and at 2.5 times mark up. The prices are to be used only as approximate estimates. They are not a suggested selling price, but rather the approximate catalog price marked up. These prices are not the customer’s actual cost.

Trademark and content

Every product we sell has our “RCI”, or the original manufacturer’s trademark. All gold sold is either 10K, 14K, or 18K plumb gold. All silver is sterling silver and is .925 fine. Assay certificates are available upon request.

Lifetime Warranty Procedures

Again, we operate as a B2B business and any lifetime warranty extended on our products is between us and the retail businesses we service.  

According to the terms and conditions contained herein, Royal Chain Inc. (RCI) will replace any “all-gold” merchandise 10K, 14K, 18K, mixed precious metals excluded (hereinafter referred to as “Merchandise”), that is either broken, kinked, or otherwise damaged. When replacing such Merchandise RCI will use its best efforts to give the customer the exact weight Merchandise in return, however, because of the manufacturing process such Merchandise has an approximate 10%+/- weight variance factor. The customer will be responsible to pay for any and all weight variance charges if there are any, plus all shipping, handling and insurance charges. Example: You return an 18” Figaro chain weighing 7.5 grams. RCI has in stock a Figaro chain weighing 8.0 grams. You will be responsible to pay for the 0.5gram weight difference.
In cases where styles have been changed or discontinued, RCI will use its best efforts to match the style as closely as possible. At no time is RCI required to manufacture or to obtain a replacement chain. RCI reserves the right to substitute styles as long as the weight is approximately the same.
Example: You return an SR011 rope chain, which was discontinued. RCI will substitute a similar millimeter rope chain. There may be a small weight difference up or down. You will then be billed accordingly.
When sending Merchandise for replacement under this lifetime warranty you must provide RCI with your return address information, phone #, item #, original invoice #, style #, karat content (10K, 14K, or 18K) and the gram weight of your return (see return form attached). We will use our best effort to expedite replacements, but standard turnaround time for replacement Merchandise is 3-4 weeks. RCI cannot accept Merchandise for replacement during November and December due to the increased shipping demands of the season. Replacements will resume in January. Thank you for your cooperation during the holiday season.
This lifetime warranty shall only apply to such “Customer(s)” that are “Active” and in “Good Credit Standing”, as such term(s) are defined below.
The term “Customer(s)” as used herein shall be defined to mean a merchant who purchases such Merchandise directly from RCI for retail sale to the general public. This lifetime warranty does not cover, nor include and is not for the benefit of any Customer(s) who sell on a wholesale basis to other wholesalers or retailers. It is clearly understood that no
person or entity, other than the Customer who purchases such broken, kinked, or damaged Merchandise directly from RCI, shall have or be entitled to any rights, or benefits, or be able to enforce any obligations of RCI under this lifetime warranty.
The term “Active” as used herein shall be defined to mean a Customer (i) whose purchases of Merchandise directly from RCI for the immediately preceding twelve month period was consistent with the purchases made by such Customer in the prior twelve month period, as determined by RCI in its sole and absolute discretion, and (ii) whose ratio of replacement Merchandise to purchases are reasonable, as determined by RCI in its sole and absolute discretion.
The term “Good Credit Standing” as used herein shall be defined to mean a Customer who (i) has no chronic history of late payments, as determined by RCI in its sole and absolute  discretion, and (ii) satisfies the minimum order requirements, as determined by RCI in its sole and absolute discretion.
This lifetime warranty contained in this catalog, which relates and extends to additional Merchandise not covered in any previous catalog of RCI, does not apply
to any such Merchandise purchased by the Customer from RCI prior to June 1, 2017. The lifetime warranty as contained in the previous catalogs of RCI is still
in effect and continues to be applicable with respect to such Merchandise that are specifically mentioned and referred to in such prior catalogs.

Stock Balancing

Any Customer that is Active and in Good Credit Standing, as such terms are defined above shall be entitled to exchange, any similar category item (i.e. gold for gold, silver for silver, steel for steel), any Merchandise, purchased from RCI, limited to 10% of such customer’s purchases of similar category of Merchandise from RCI during the immediately preceding twelve month period less any and all exchanges already made during such immediately preceding twelve month period. All Merchandise exchanged hereunder must be in original condition as purchased from RCI and must be listed in RCI’s most current catalog at the time of exchange. Prior to RCI accepting any Merchandise for exchange hereunder, the Customer is required to complete and return an authorization form provided by RCI to Customer upon request, and which authorization form must be submitted to RCI together
with a replacement order from such Customer of equal or greater value. Upon acceptance by RCI of the completed authorization form, RCI will assign an approved exchange authorization number and which authorization number must accompany the Customer’s return of the Merchandise for exchange by RCI. If the value of the replacement order is less than the value of the Merchandise that is being exchanged, then the credit amount representing the difference will remain open on the customer’s account to be applied
toward future orders from the Customer. Under no circumstance will RCI issue any payment to Customer for any credit balance on Customer’s account. RCI will not accept any Merchandise for exchange during the months of November and December.

Stock Balancing and Lifetime Warranty

In any event the total combined use of stock balancing and lifetime warranty shall not exceed 10% of total sales of the previous 12 months.

Replacements and/or Exchanges not authorized or covered

Upon receipt by RCI of any Merchandise for replacement not authorized or covered under this lifetime warranty program, or for exchange not authorized or covered under this stock balancing program “Unauthorized Merchandise”, then in either event, RCI reserves the right and may in its sole and absolute discretion either (i) return such Unauthorized Merchandise to Customer, in which event the Customer will be responsible and liable to pay for any and all shipping, handling, and insurance charges incurred by RCI; (ii) replace or exchange, as the case may be, such Unauthorized Merchandise for Customer, in which event Customer shall be responsible and liable to pay, in addition to any and all other
charges referred to herein, 10% of the value of such Unauthorized Merchandise as and for a restocking fee; or (iii) give credit to Customer at the lower of the Second London Gold Fix or Silver market price on the date of receipt by RCI of the Unauthorized Chain, or the gold or silver price of such Unauthorized Merchandise as indicated on the original sales invoice, which credit amount shall be applied to any unpaid and open past or future invoices owed by Customer to RCI. Under no circumstance will RCI issue any payment to Customer for any credit balance on the Customer’s account.

Severability and Waiver

If any term or provision of the lifetime warranty or stock balancing shall to any extent or for any reason be held invalid, illegal, or unenforceable such invalidity or enforceability shall not affect any other provision of the lifetime warranty or stock balancing. No failure by RCI at any time to insist upon strict compliance with the terms of this lifetime warranty shall constitute a waiver of its rights to demand strict compliance with such terms at a later time. RCI will not be responsible for typographical errors.